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Vintage Matte Handmade Leather Mens Belt

Vintage Matte Handmade Leather Mens Belt

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Cut from a single robust 4mm thick piece of vegetable-tanned cowhide, this belt boasts unparalleled durability built to develop a sublime patina over many years of wear. The 1.5-inch width provides the perfect presence to elevate both casual and refined ensembles. The exquisite matte finish has an authentic vintage aesthetic

An elegant antiqued brass buckle completes the heritage-inspired look with a touch of old-world sophistication. The clean, flat edging maintains a sleek unstitch profile that seamlessly integrates into any outfit.

But what truly sets this piece apart is the luxury of customized fit. Each belt includes a complementary punch tool, allowing you to precisely adjust the length to hug your waistline in exquisite tailored fashion.


  • Made from premium vegetable tanning leather
  • Leather belt has a single-loop buckle design
  • This leather belt width of 1.5 inch(3.8cm)
  • Belt flat edge and no stitching
  • High quality solid brass buckle
  • Single 4mm thick piece of leather
  • Not easy to cracks, breaks, or splits
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Rinse the area thoroughly with a clean damp cloth to remove any soap residue. Allow the leather to fully air dry before using or storing.
Never use harsh chemical cleaners, home cleaners, or bleach on leather as it can cause damage and drying.

Over time, leather can become stiff and dry without proper conditioning. Aim to condition every 6-12 months.
Use a high-quality leather conditioner or conditioning cream made specifically for your type of leather (e.g. full-grain,vegetable tanned, nubuck, suede).
Apply a thin, even coat of conditioner with a clean cloth, wiping into the leather with circular motions. Let it fully absorb.
Conditioning replenishes the leather's natural oils, keeping it supple and moisturized to prevent cracking.

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