Collection: Womens Belts

Our line of elegant, yet rugged womens belts for jeans and dresses are made using full-grain leather that is vegetable-tanned and handcrafted to ensure only the finest quality.
Womens Belts

One-Piece Full-Grain Leather for a Robust and Elegant Belt

Our women's leather belts are made from one
piece of vegetable-tanned leather. This means that the template for each
belt design is laid out on one continuous piece of leather and cut before the
detail work is done. In comparison, many other belts are made of multiple
pieces of leather, and you can run into problems with weak spots, non-uniform
leather pieces, and overall, a lower-quality product.


By using full-grain leather, which utilizes
the entire thickness of the hide rather than just a layer or two, the belt is
more robust and resistant to wear and tear. It also exudes a higher sense of
quality with a better appearance and feeling when touched.

Beautiful Belts for Women

Our belts are available in a variety of
design options including embossed patterns, simple natural beauty, and more.
This gives you plenty to choose from depending on your taste, but our
traditional vegetable tanning technique adds another layer to that design-based

Vegetable tanning methods allow the leather
to slowly absorb the moisture and oils in your skin over time and discolor the
leather. This is a good thing. It adds a patina that makes the belt uniquely
yours, and it adds that vintage charm that you typically only see in older
leather accessories.

Finally, the 1-¼ inch width of our women's
belts not only ensures they fit in most belt loops on women's slacks and jeans
but also gives our belts a more slim and elegant appearance without sacrificing
robustness and durability.

Handcrafted from Fine Materials

Our belts are cut, skived, hole punched and
buckled by hand to ensure the highest attention to detail.

Measuring and Caring for Your Women’s Belt

Measuring your women’s belt before you
order is easy. Simply take your pant size and add two sizes. For example, if
you’re in a size 34, get a 38-inch belt.

Caring for your belt is also easy. Avoid
sharp objects that can cut or scrape the leather, store the belt hanging from
its buckle to prevent creasing, and if the leather starts to lose its
suppleness, oiling or applying a commercial leather protectant only takes a few

If you’re ready to add a fine-quality
women’s belt to your wardrobe, our belts are your go-to option for quality,
beauty, and a vintage look that only gets better the more it ages. Browse our
selection of women’s belts, today.