Collection: Mens Leather Trifold Wallets

Trifold wallets are essentially the next step up from the traditional leather bifold wallets that dominate the market. They offer more capacity and enhanced organization capabilities while maintaining the benefits of premium, well-made, leather, and they’re a great option for any man who wants a proper wallet.
Mens Leather Trifold Wallets

Trifold Design for All Your Carrying Needs

Whether you have a lot of cards for memberships and various banking accounts, or you just need more room for other things such as photos, our leather trifold men’s wallet ensures you have all the room you could ever need.

Unlike a bifold that simply folds in half, trifold folds twice to make a three-compartment wallet with far more capacity.

This does increase the thickness of the wallet compared to a bifold with the same thickness of leather, but not by so much that it’s too noticeable in the pocket, and the extra capacity means that you’ll have plenty of room to get more stuff without having to upgrade your wallet.

A Stylish, Vintage, Aesthetic That Only Gets Better with Age

As long as you properly care for our wallets, you won’t have to worry about them getting old and worn-looking. One of the best traits of leather is that, as it ages, it actually looks better than the day you got it.

As you pull one of our wallets in and out of your pocket, fumble around for your cards, and generally handle it, your hands will release oil into the leather. Over time, this makes it softer and more pliable, but it also discolors the leather and gives it a unique patina. This is why old, well-used, leather items look so vintage and timeless.

Full-Grain High-Quality Leather

Our leather trifold wallets are made of premium full-grain leather. The entire hide of the animal is used; resulting in thicker, more durable, and higher quality leather compared to genuine and top-grain leather that is thin and easy to wear holes in over years of use.

However, it’s not just the use of full-grain leather that sets our wallets apart. We also use the bare minimum number of high-quality leather pieces to minimize stitching and produce a higher-quality product. Many lesser wallets might be made of decent leather, but they use many small scraps that reduce the leather’s uniformity and require more stitching to properly connect everything.

Timeless Trifold Men’s Leather Wallets

We handcraft our leather wallets to ensure you get the best trifold wallet possible. Using only the best full-grain leather and handcrafted production methods, we create trifold leather men’s wallets that you can rely on for a lifetime, and they only look better with age.

For a vintage, heirloom quality, wallet, browse our selection today.