Collection: Classic Belts

No man's attire is complete without a high-quality belt to pull it all together, and our line of classic leather belts combines the finest quality with timeless vintage style for a classic appearance.
Classic Belts

Sturdy Functionality and Unbeatable Durability with Italian Leather

One distinct feature of our classic leather belts is that they’re not made from flimsy genuine or top-grain leather like other options like many modern belts are. They’re made from premium Italian leather that’s thick, supple, and capable of being used hard for decades if cared for properly.

This is crucial since your belt will be rubbed against things every time you slip it on or off, sit down, rub against a wall, or anything else. Our belts can withstand that and take on a vintage worn look instead of developing holes and tears like lesser leather. It also makes it a superior option when it comes to carrying things on your belt such as multi-tools, flashlights, and other common items that add weight to the belt and put it under more stress than normal.

Overall, our classic leather belts are robust belts that make your life easier and handle what you throw at them.

A Better, More Personalized, Appearance with Age

Another key feature of our classic leather belts is that they’re vegetable-tanned to ensure that they’re well-protected and stay supple throughout their lifespan, but they also take on that vintage appearance of aged leather naturally. As you grip your belt to put it on and take it off, the oil in your hands will seep into the leather and slowly discolor it. This creates a unique patina that gives the belt charm, personality, and visual flair over a few years, and it just keeps getting better with time.

Handcrafted for Unmatched Quality

We put forth the utmost effort to ensure every leather belt we sell is something you’ll be proud to wear daily, and we do that by handcrafting our classic leather belts. Each cut, stitch, rivet, and hole punch is done by hand to ensure every belt we sell exudes the vintage quality you expect.

How to Measure Your Leather Belt

If you’re excited to get a vintage leather belt, but don’t want to end up with one that is too large or too tight, you’re in luck. Sizing your belt for an online order is easy.

If you have a belt that fits perfectly already, you only have to measure it or check any labeled measurements on it, and order a new one that matches.

If not, take your jean size’s waist measurement and add two inches to it. That’s the perfect length for a great fit and room to grow.